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Sigma10. Comprehensive Management Solution for LPG (Propane Gas) distribution, marketer and transport companies. Comprehensive Management Solution for LPG (Propane Gas) distribution, marketer and transport companies; a Suite that effectively integrates information from all areas of your company, from operational activities to strategic and managerial areas, allowing to meet the requirements of the Unique Information System, the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission CREG and the Ministry of Mines and Energy MinMinas.


Tool specially designed to effectively manage any type of vehicle, preventive and corrective maintenance, document management, fuel and expense control, preparation of key reports for decision making, collection of information in field through a Mobile Application, and much more; keeping your information protected and complying with current regulations.


 It is an automated phone call management and administration software that facilitates quick and easy communication with customers, allowing them to register requests, complaints, claims and suggestions anywhere and at any time; helps your business with the decision making process and controlling orders and with carrying out supporting, monitoring and resolution of requirements, reducing response times; manages a mobile App for the assignment of technical assistance (in public services, cuts and re connections ) to technicians.


Tool that allows billing services to LPG, Natural Gas, Water, Cable, Networks, etc; generates invoices with barcode in the GS1 standard, and manages the Asobancaria 98, Asobancaria 2001 files to receive collections from banks; generates files for PSE collections, control and portfolio management. It also has a Mobile Application that allows taking readings in the field, managing cuts and reconnections


It allows you to keep the record of the Commercials of your company, it keeps the record of the clients and their geographical location, and through an App it keeps track of the visits of the commercials. The route, it allows to create geofences where you can observe the Displacement of the Commercials, the places where they visit and the points where they register news; they can also record photos as evidence of their management in the field.