About us.
More than software, we offer solutions

Our greatest satisfaction is when our clients tell us the before and after of their business processes.


In May 2009, we began to work on developments for a single client, by July 2013 we began to look for ways to take our services to more clients and thus establish a company, by November 2014 we began to dedicate additional efforts to the field of sales, by February 2014 2015 we started training in marketing, sales and to develop our company, in 2018 we found in the increase of personnel for other development companies another market for our services, we continue to advance in the vision.


By the year 2025, Qualisys will be recognized as a benchmark for the development of software solutions, staff increase, mobile and web development with national projection, with clients in other countries such as the United States, Mexico, Denmark, among others; becoming an excellent source of employment in the region.